Why Us?

HTS tentiQ is situated in Lauderdale by Sea, Florida with two other strategically placed USA regional offices and a global headquarters in Kefenrod Germany.

We are a globally recognized brand you can trust, providing choice, quality, global reach and innovation to all customers the world over. The company uniquely combines the customer focus of a family run business with pioneering design innovation and advanced production processes.


A huge and diverse range of temporary structures systems manufactured in our state-of-the-art German based production facility.  The facility is capable of producing up to 64,000m² of new structures per week, allowing short lead times irrespective of order size.

Global Reach

In-house technical sales force, strategically located worldwide providing local knowledge and support.  Fast supply, delivery and installation can be provided just about anywhere.

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Continual innovation with new technology, materials and processes ensuring the optimum in design and choice.   Designs range from a basic small Pagoda to the most stunning, unique and fully customized semi-permanent structures.  A dedicated technical team of CAD / CAM designers and structural engineers are available for customized projects.

German Quality

All products are designed and manufactured by HTS tentiQ in Germany.  Components are CNC machined and finished by hand and all structures produced and fully certified to USA and global structural safety codes.

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About HTS tentiQ

HTS tentiQ was launched in 2001 by Heinz Röder, an industry innovator who was able to invest almost half a century of experience and knowledge into the set up and growth of the business.

Today, HTS tentiQ is considered a leading force in the temporary structures industry, supplying one of the largest and most diverse selections of temporary and semi-permanent event tents and temporary structures to private and public sectors worldwide.

The company currently employs a highly skilled and trained workforce of more than 170 people at the Kefenrod site, with the majority having been employed by HTS tentiQ since its early days. This includes a 50+ strong team of global sales experts, strategically placed to cover most global regions and provide local support, supply, distribution and installation.

Custom Solutions

Engineered to your requirements



The family name Röder spans over 50 years association in the tent business, from the pioneering days of Heinrich Röder in 1959 with the design and production of wooden framed tents through to the present day of high capacity production and global distribution of modern day, modular temporary structure systems.


The Röder family tent business early beginnings started with the design and production of wooden frame tents with canvas covers for use as the companies own rental inventory.


The Röder family business expands into the market of supplying their tents which are now offered for sale to other tent rental companies.


The company’s early product range develops with the introduction of steel which is used as the main material for the main frame components instead of the previously used material of timber.


The development and availability of extruded aluminium, combined with the substantial weight reductions aluminium offered when compared to steel, lent itself as a more user friendly material for use in the construction of the modular tent systems. The use of extruded aluminium had the added benefit of integrated channels which facilitated a significant design improvement by using the “keder” channels for securing the roof and wall covers by means of the keder fixation system making the new design a truly modular system.


The new aluminium frame with keder groove system together with an ever growing range of tent designs soon became a success for the Röder family business. To capitalise on an ever increasing demand for the products, the Röder family open a new factory specifically for the mass production of its various tent systems. The factory was located in the Röder family’s home town of Wolferborn, Büdingen, Germany.


Continuous product development enabled the Röder family business to excel as a major market leader, a highlight of the development program lead to the design, manufacture and launch of the world’s first 2-storey, multi-level modular tent, yet fully demountable construction – today found in numerous applications worldwide.


Heinz and Edwin Röder introduce the family business, RÖDER AG, to the German stock exchange.


The majority shareholding of the company RODER AG is taken over by Klöckner & Co AG. At this time the Röder family relinquish their ownership in the company.


Heinz Röder finalizes the handover of the business to Klöckner & Co AG and leaves RÖDER AG.


After seven years of pursuing other business interests Heinz Röder launches his new specialist temporary structure manufacturing company RÖDER HTS High Tech Structures KG, again based in the area of Wolferborn, Büdingen, Germany.


RÖDER HTS KG opens first sales offices in the UK, France.


RÖDER HTS KG opens a sales office servicing the Middle East region.


RÖDER HTS KG acquires industry competitor business HÖCKER STRUCTURES, Bad Salzuflen, Germany. The strategic acquisition of HÖCKER STRUCTURES opened new markets and added new product lines to the product portfolio offered by RÖDER HTS KG at the time.


RÖDER HTS KG and HÖCKER GmbH formally join into one trading entity to be known as HTS Clear Span Structure Systems. During the same year, the RÖDER HTS and HÖCKER STRUCTURES production facilities merge into one newly commissioned state-of-the-art 42,000m² head office and manufacturing facility located in Kefenrod, Germany.


HTS Clear Span Structure Systems opens subsidiary sales office in Singapore.


HTS Clear Span Structure Systems opens strategic sales offices in Russia and India.


HTS Clear Span Structure Systems introduces a new range of tent systems designed to be fully compatible with other designs supplied by other manufactures.


The Röder family celebrates 50 years association in the tent business at the 2009 HTS Clear Span Structure Systems TENT-EXPO trade show. The same year sees the launch of HTS Industrial, a specialist division providing the hire and sale of industrial temporary buildings and warehouses.


Official launch of the patented carbon / alloy hybrid frame structure system – a lightweight and worlds first in clear span modular tent technology.


The family company, HTS Clear Span Structure Systems is represented globally in 32 countries worldwide. The company announces the acquisition of 22,000m² of land adjacent to the current 42,000m² production facility – the new site will provide adequate additional space for future expansion. The first phase is set for completion in October 2011 with the construction of a 2,600m² state-of-the-art PVC cover making facility.


HTS Clear Span Structure Systems creates a dedicated military and humanitarian division offering a new specialise range of lightweight, versatile rapid deployment shelters designed to meet the variable requirements of this specialist sector.


An affiliated company, HTS Industriebau is established specialising in the design and manufacture of quickly erectable steel framed structures.


HTS Clear Span Structure Systems re-launches the military division as HTS Rapid Deployment Shelters, with its own dedicated website and branding.


In November 2019 the company relaunched as HTS tentiQ, symbolising a German heritage that has evolved into a global authority, representing innovation, intelligence and quality in Temporary Structures.

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