The customer urgently needed a storage facility for high-value pre-packed beverage products at the company’s regional distribution facility in anticipation of increased seasonal demand for their products. As the products were destined for use in multiple retail outlets it was imperative the product packaging was protected from the elements at all times before onward distributed to the retail shop floors.


Two buildings were commissioned; 20.00m x 85.00m and a 23.50m x 85.00m on 6.20m eaves incorporating an 85.00m gutter link which created an internal open covered space solution of 3,697m². The buildings were supplied with energy efficient THERMO insulated roofs, security steel clad side walls and internal lighting providing a minimum lighting level 150LUX. For access 4 x electric steel roller shutter doors, 4 x high-speed shutter doors and 18 x personnel access door units were installed. The building was designed to fully comply with the site specific wind and snow loading requirements according to regional and national building codes.

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