The client, the soccer club FC Sion, located in Switzerland, required a building for their new hospitality area. Time was of the essence as the club wanted to offer hospitality at the Euro 2020 qualifying match between Switzerland and Gibraltar where the Swiss national team would be playing their first official match at the stadium. A structure was required to welcome their fans as well as providing VIP hospitality.


After researching various solutions for hospitality structures on the internet, the FC Sion contacted HTS tentiQ. Once they had completed consultations with several temporary structure companies, the client chose to work with HTS tentiQ. This was predominantly based on their competitive pricing but also due to the good rapport they built with the HTS representative. HTS was able to reassure the club that they could meet the club’s requirements for short delivery and assembly times.


The soccer club chose a two-storey Manhattan event structure. The Manhattan offers the perfect solution for events, conferences, exhibitions and hospitality as it provides premium quality and comfort with multiple façade and walling system options. It can be customized with a variety of glazed panels, roof and walling options, stairways and balconies. The parapet roof can also be customized to include branding. On this occasion the client chose to include a red banner which will later be customized with details of the new sponsor. Standard and customized structures are available. On this occasion the double decker Manhattan chosen by the client was a 25.00m x 30.00m structure with thermo roof, tinted glass elements, sandwich panels and made to the following specifications:

  • Bay width: 33m x 5.00m
  • Eave height: 00m
  • Ridge height: 70m
  • Roof pitch: 5º
  • Snow load: 126

From initial inquiry through to handover, the project took just 3 – 4 months to complete. Thanks to this quick turnaround, the temporary structure was successfully used to provide hospitality for the Euro 2020 qualifying match and the club has since hosted an important press conference for one of its main sponsors. The conference was held on the upper floor of the two storey Manhattan whilst the ground floor was used to offer a buffet for guests.

FC Sion plans to host many more events in the Manhattan, including offering hospitality and a food and beverage service whenever the team is playing home games.

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