An international dancing school was so pleased with the quality, service and installation of their two previous temporary dancing studios supplied by HTS tentiQ in 2015, they didn’t hesitate to get back in touch when they required an additional 6 buildings. This was to accommodate the increasing number of students enrolling in 2016/2017 who needed more dance space quickly. Land next to the school was rented to accommodate the new buildings.


The building specifications consisted of:

  • 10.00m x 15.00m with a 4.20m eave height
  • Thermo opaque blockout roof
  • 40mm insulated wall panels and 2.40m side height glass panels
  • Timber sub frame floor with wooden boards

Having gained knowledge from the previous 2 buildings, the 6 additional dance studios were fitted by the customer with a strong sound proof insulation to reduce the noise especially now there were more buildings. Using the LX HTS tentiQ building this allowed the school to fit and hang a horizontal roof made of laminated plaster and rock wool. All side walls were fitted out with the same product and a special foam flooring was installed to dampen the noise.

The client was extremely happy with how quick the 6 temporary dancing studios were supplied and the overall experience. All the studios are being used by the students without any problem. They continue to work with HTS tentiQ as they trust their German products and the level of experience and finish on the temporary buildings are outstanding.

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