Our client, a tent rental company, required a new sales office for long term use for their customer, a Turkish-based construction company. To avoid the high costs and construction times associated with a permanent concrete or steel structure, the client opted for a temporary structure.

HTS tentiQ was chosen to complete the project for the following reasons:

  • HTS tentiQ had successfully worked with the client on previous projects.
  • Alternative competitive products were deemed too expensive.
  • The Large Tent product range is structurally engineered for long term use and can be customized to accommodate client-specific requirements such as the site, climate, region or building codes.
  • Structures can be further enhanced by integrating one or more accessory options including doors, walling options, floor systems, door units and internal fixtures and fittings.
  • The GZ Large Tent provided the striking appearance requested by the construction company.
  • HTS tentiQ was able to overcome tight deadline requirements to deliver the façade by air.


  • 1 x GZ Large Tent 15.00m wide x 35.00m length
  • 3.00m side height
  • Curved roof
  • Design selected from a range of 12 aesthetically striking contemporary designs
  • Initial enquiry to handover took 4 weeks

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