Due to ongoing product demand, the company needed additional covered space. It was clear that additional space was required however locating suitable “off-site-space” close to their current facility proved difficult not to mention the potential logistical issues operating from a second site could bring. After much searching for the best solution, the client decided on hiring a temporary building that would meet their exact needs from HTS tentiQ.


HTS tentiQ supplied a 10.00m x 10.00m building on 5.20m eaves. The building, positioned on an existing concrete area next to the clients existing workshop was supplied with two 4.80m x 5.00m roller shutter door units, 1 x personnel door unit, internal lighting and external guttering. The building was supplied with our steel reinforced UPVC walling system in combination with our thermo inflatable translucent roof system which minimises internal condensation and cuts the need for day time lighting as natural light is able to penetrate the fabric. The building was available immediately from rental stock and once delivered, was installed within two days.

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